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Alternatives TLC was founded by Carol R. Kaufman in 2006.  She recognized that it takes more than one great trading system and trading methodology to attract investors; it takes demonstrating professionalism and control over the business’s “inadvertent” risks, most of which fall under and surround operations.  She notes that too many times, it’s the questions that firms didn’t know to ask or couldn’t answer that result in a company’s failure.

Most recently, Ms. Kaufman has focused her efforts on operational excellence.  She consults to emerging managers, hedge funds and various other types of financial industry participants, performing high level operational due diligence, identifying the gaps a firm has and then strategically advising and orchestrating ways to mitigate the risks – such as educating firms on “best practices”, introducing firms to the right technology solutions/service firms to leading the search for a new administrator.

 Specifically, Alternatives TLC provides:

  • The Emerging Manager/ Small Business Roadmap business review
  • Consulting to emerging and seasoned managers on operational strategies
  • Educating firms wanting to enter the alternatives industry on best practices, giving overviews of the industry, creating customized training programs

Most significantly, Alternatives TLC provides innovative resources and expertise offering customized training and consulting approaches, allowing clients to have education, training and consulting tailored to their own specialized needs, incorporating the unique way they do business.

By the way, that’s the extra TLC“…

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