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PRESS RELEASE:  April 2, 2016Opalesque NewManager

Opalesque NewManagers, the premier online news publication focusing on the global emerging hedge fund manager and CTA space, has announced that it will feature a monthly column called “Professionals Need Only Apply…” aimed at educating emerging managers, CTAs and other participants in the alternatives industry as to best practices for their operations.  The column will be authored by Carol R. Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Alternatives TLC, LLC.

In today’s environment, asset owners are increasingly turning to emerging firms for diversification and the chance to tap into undiscovered talent.  But with heightened investor demands as well as regulatory issues constantly looming overhead, emerging alternatives managers need a “roadmap” so they can be prepared to properly demonstrate a culture of compliance with every facet of their operation, providing a way to satisfy both regulatory needs and raise investor comfort levels.

Ms. Kaufman brings 35+ years of industry expertise – she started as a CTA/CPO in 1980, she then created and operated a back office/investor accounting software firm for international hedge funds and funds-of-funds from 1982-2002 (which was acquired by SunGard in 2002) and has been consulting with emerging managers, CTAs and other alternatives firms since 2006.  Her clients have been high profile firms such as Moore Capital, Ivy Asset Management, Gottex, the Bank of Montreal, SEI, Advent, HedgeServ and Cargill.  She is the author of the “Emerging Manager Roadmap” – an exercise that steps managers and firms through each area of their operation, pointing out what they don’t have that they need, educating them as to why they need it, evaluating their “gaps” and suggesting ways those gaps can be remediated.

Ms. Kaufman’s first column talks about how and why it is so difficult to obtain allocations of capital.  She emphasizes the importance of each of the areas new alternatives managers should be addressing in the running of their business so as to maximize the potential for being one of those few recipients.  Next month and each month thereafter, she’ll drill down to specifics for a different area, discussing concepts managers should be considering, tasks that they should be doing and documents that they should have in place to be able to prove to allocators that they have the proper infrastructure to handle new allocations.  “How to Organize for Success”, including practical suggestions, will be woven into each segment.

New managers (and seasoned ones) are encouraged to email any questions they have to Ms. Kaufman, at  A part of the column, each month, will be devoted to responding to questions from readers.

 About Opalesque:

Since 2001, Opalesque has been providing premium online information services related to the hedge fund and alternative investments industry, including daily and weekly briefings, technical research reports, videos, podcasts, roundtables and monthly publications. The Alternative Market Briefing is the only daily hedge fund newsletter read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves.  Opalesque launched New Managers in 2012, a monthly online publication on the global emerging manager space which is now read by 30,000 readers.

About Alternatives TLC:

Alternatives TLC was founded by Carol R. Kaufman in 2006.  Ms. Kaufman consults to emerging and seasoned alternatives managers and various types of small businesses, performing operational and organizational consulting through the use of her Emerging Manager/Small Business Roadmap.


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