Small Business Roadmaps

A Roadmap is a way of quickly, inexpensively helping a small business identify the gaps a firm has and then strategically advising and orchestrating ways to mitigate the risks – such as educating firms on “best practices”, introducing firms to the right technology solutions/service firms to leading the search for a new administrator.

The below represent the flow of conducting a Roadmap:

  • Through an interview process, reviewing the business operation’s history, structure, HR policies, insurance, legal contracts and Investor Relations, including seeing that marketing materials and correspondence are properly created and maintained
  • Reviewing physical assets and technology, ensuring that security and BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery plans) are documented and tested
  • Through an interview process, ensuring that management and professional services have been appropriately vetted (due diligence), are in place and operational – be they in-house, contracted or outsourced – and if not, helping retain such services
  • Ensuring procedural manuals and work flow processes exist for each area of the business and that all other potential areas of risk of the business have been identified and addressed
  • Reviewing the results, giving the firm a written, prioritized and customized Roadmap.
  • Sitting with the firm, explaining the results and answering any questions they have about the Roadmap or any other industry topic.
  • When appropriate and requested, orchestrating the remediation process by identifying and introducing needed services for the client, creating and instituting RFPs for technology firms, accountants, attorneys and vendors and helping perform due diligence on platforms and owners, alike, promoting a proper and scalable organizational infrastructure.

Obviously, the larger the firm, the longer they’re in business, the more time it takes to create a Roadmap.  New small businesses generally take 4-6 hours.  Businesses that have been in business for a year or more and/or emerging managers that have more than $10million under management and more than 4-5 investors will generally take a day.  Seasoned businesses can take anywhere from a day to a week.

The above process helps the small business understand what they need to know that they don’t already know and what it is they need to do to be organized for success!